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Follow on activities to use with Leo’s Ladder for parents and teachers

Make up your own blurb for the story.

Look up Knutsford on the internet. See if you can find some of the locations featured in the story.

Draw a map of the family’s journey. Where did they look for the ladder’s owner first? Second?

Why did Leo go out on the second day?

Why did Leo want a ladder in the first place?

Draw a ladder and use it to count up in 2’s. Use a number ladder for multiplication practise.

Find the animals in each picture.

Could the ladder have belonged to anyone else in town?

Do ladders always help people go up, or do they sometimes go down?

Make up a conversation between Leo and George. They could be up in the tree house or below looking up.


Leo’s Ladder
Leo finds a ladder. He would really like to keep it but decides the right thing to do is search for its rightful owner. Read about Leo’s adventure, a story about honesty, friendship and community.