Where is your happy place?

I love to make up stories and am currently working on the follow up to Leo’s Ladder. It is called Leo’s Little Sister. Well, it can be tough to maintain focus and spark ideas, so sometimes I take a break. 

We have all been through so much with Covid 19 that it is important to remember to look for and find your happy place. My happy place is this corner of my garden, and I spend time there tending the plants, trimming the trees and looking for weeds. I forget what was there last year and when it regrows I am so excited so see the “old friend” returning to spend another summer with us. This particular corner is bursting with new life and it is getting shaded by the rapidly growing trees. We planted them 3 years ago, and boy have they taken off! I love the variety of leaf colours, and they definitely give me joy just by being gorgeous acers.

 If you feel stressed, go to your happy place, either literally or figuratively.