Where to buy your copy of Leo’s Ladder- online with delivery to your home, or in person!

We are pleased to announce that you can now purchase Leo’s Ladder at a variety of shops in the center of Knutsford!

While you are out and about there are four locations to purchase the story of Leo, which is a well loved story for little ones who dream of being taller, more grown up and want to climb high! Our partners in town are: The Tea Room , the Heritage Center and Cheshire Quality on King Street (bottom street) or Hal Whitakers Toy Shop on Princess Street (top street). Thank you so much for all these independent shops for supporting local creativity. Or just contact me via Leo’s Ladder on Facebook and I can drop off a signed copy at your door. Local delivery only.

Online purchases are through our publisher, Global Wordsmiths.

A copy of the book is £7.99- plus delivery if needed form our online partners.

Please get in touch for your copy now!

Leo’s Ladder by Dee Griffiths & Ali Holah


Leo’s Ladder
Leo finds a ladder. He would really like to keep it but decides the right thing to do is search for its rightful owner. Read about Leo’s adventure, a story about honesty, friendship and community.