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Wilmslow Guild stocks our book!

I am trying (key word here) to improve my art skills and have been attending Nick’s art class at the Wilmslow Guild for 2 terms now.
When I shared my book with Nick, he very kindly showed it to the staff at the Wilmslow Guild They very kindly featured Leo’s Ladder in a news item on their website.

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The shop in the lobby sells  Leo’s Ladder along with products made by other students of the guild. This is a great time to grab a handmade piece of jewelry or artwork. Prices are incredibly reasonable for one off pieces of work.

If you want to know more about the Wilmslow Guild, please look at their website. The variety of courses is amazing! I have taken classes in  jewelry making and art for all. Getting together with others with similar interests is always good for my mood and happiness.  Making something to me is a mindful activity and so relaxing.


Leo’s Ladder
Leo finds a ladder. He would really like to keep it but decides the right thing to do is search for its rightful owner. Read about Leo’s adventure, a story about honesty, friendship and community.


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